With more than 100 offices in over 90 countries, GCS is recognised as one of the most successful debt recovery agencies in the world. GCS offers a bespoke service tailored to clients’ individual needs. This flexible approach, coupled with our specialist teams of collectors and negotiators, ensures the highest possible recovery ratios.

    GCS is a world leading commercial collection agency, collecting high and low value accounts all over the world across a variety of sectors.

    GCS specialises in the collection of consumer debt and have a level of insight and expertise unequalled by others.

    Our collectors are specifically trained. They are able to resolve complex commercial issues as well as take the initiative when debtors are stalling or buying time. They understand the importance of escalating the intensity of the collection process according to the circumstances of each account.

    GCS works closely with all regulatory bodies and authorities to ensure our processes are fully compliant and data-handling systems fully secure.

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