Slipping value of Bitcoin

Following changes in IRS regulation, Bitcoin has seen its value start to decline. When it was previously categorised as currency, it is now to be treated as property.


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Dropbox blocks sharing of copyrighted files

Dropbox is able to identify and block the sharing of copyrighted material without actually accessing personal files. The system used to achieve this has been used for many years and allows Dropbox to restrict the sharing of pre-selected files.

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How do Bitcoins work?

The Bitcoin is a new type of currency that was started in 2009 by an unknown individual using the apellation of Satoshi Nakakmoto. The way Bitcoins operate means that there is are middle men in the transaction, that is, banks are not involved. For buyers, this means no transaction fees and enhanced privacy as real…

Future of BitCoin


Bit Coin has caused quite a revolution in the financial sectors and also created political firestorms for the value appreciation of the digital currency.

Google Director Jared Cohen says, digital currencies such as Bit Coin are inevitable.

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Dubai counts down to 2020


Dubai is aiming to double the arrival of tourists by 2020, with positive indications that it is happening. Dubai’s skyline is expanding with a plethora of new hotels and most of them five star ones.

The Dubai International Airport is now the second busiest airport in the world.

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